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Blocked Drains – 3 Main Reasons for Gurgling Drains

Blocked Drains – 3 Main Reasons for Gurgling Drains

leon| Aug 21,2022

You’re probably used to your teenager yelling at you and your dog barking at the mailman. When your drains begin to gurgle in your general direction, however, something is definitely wrong. Call it gurgling or bubbling or Blocked Drains, but be aware that when your drains start talking back to you in that distinct drain gurgle language, and it doesn’t sound quite right, it’s time to act.

When you ask your drains to swallow a full load of water or waste in a single hit, a brief ‘gurgle’ as everything rushes in together with air is perfectly normal. When Blocked Drains causing obstruction the flow or there is an issue with your drain venting, the gurgling sound in pipes is different and usually prolonged. In any case, you should look into it.

A Clog in The Drain

The Blocked Drains occurs in many, many cases in a sink – and very frequently in the P-trap directly below it. Usually, it’s just a big, slimy ball of hair, grease, soap, food, and general drain gunk – and a kettle of boiling water or a plunger will do the trick.

A Clog in The Sewer

If your sink can become clogged, your sewer line, unfortunately, can as well. Because a sewer blockage is more likely to affect the entire house rather than just a single sink, the big red flag to look for is if more than one – and possibly all – of your drains are all gurgling the same tune. Oh, and don’t worry about the plunger; for a clogged sewer, you’ll need to call a plumber Busselton.

The Venting Issues

Drains require proper venting to function properly so that a vacuum is not created – and nothing goes down properly at all. Gurgling drains are the most common sign of a venting problem, so go outside and locate your plumbing vent pipes – and see if they’re visibly blocked or obstructed by anything.

What If I Can’t Repair My Gurgling Drains on My Own?

Still having issues? Fortunately, there’s always a Blocked Drains Busselton fixers. Neon Plumbing travels all over Busselton and beyond in our fully stocked vans with the best knowledge, experience, products, and specialised drain-clearing equipment.

Whatever has gone wrong, we can quickly restore your property to full functionality and prevent further damage, so contact plumbing experts at Neon Plumbing today.

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