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Plumber Busselton – Setting up a Commercial Kitchen

Plumber Busselton – Setting up a Commercial Kitchen

leon| Jun 14,2022

Maybe you’re beginning a catering company, operating a cafĂ©, or setting up a school tuckshop. These are all occasions where unique plumbing installations and an expert Plumber Busselton are necessary to meet the rules for commercial kitchens.

However, it is not simply a matter of following the regulations. There are ways to outfit a commercial kitchen to increase productivity and workflow. Your Plumber Busselton will be able to assist you at every step of the way, but just in case, here are some industrial plumbing issues to keep in mind while establishing a commercial kitchen.

Safety and hygiene

Commercial plumbing Busselton in commercial kitchens prioritises hygiene and safety. Wet flooring is a major hazard; in addition to ensuring that your kitchen has sufficient non-slip surfacing, floor drains may be required to let water drain away.

Hand washing sinks separate from food preparation and dishwashing sinks are essential in commercial kitchens. For safety, hot water for hand washing is tempered (that is, the temperature is reduced), while water to the preparation areas must be given at a greater temperature. Make certain that your commercial plumber near me addresses these critical issues.

Backflow Avoidance

Backflow prevention devices are used in commercial kitchens to ensure that polluted water does not enter the drinking water supply. As an example, suppose a hose is mistakenly left submerged in a grease trap. There’s a chance that contaminated water will be syphoned back up the hose. Backflow prevention and testing devices avoid this risk because water can only flow in one direction via them.

Backflow prevention devices must be fitted on hose faucets, near grease traps, and in dishwashers. Only backflow-certified Plumber Busselton, such as those at Neon Plumbing, are authorised to install, test, and maintain these devices. Inquire with our Brisbane commercial plumbers about backflow testing.

Fixtures & Fittings Selection

More than only pipes are used in commercial plumbing. The tapware used in commercial kitchens can make meal preparation and cleaning easier. Spray guns on flexible hoses, pot filler taps, lever action taps, and infrared sensor taps, for example, are all designed for simplicity of use in a business setting. Commercial kitchen tapware is more expensive than household tapware, but it is built for usefulness and longevity.

Commercial sinks and preparation surfaces are often made of stainless steel and have no joints to facilitate cleaning. Sinks must be large enough to submerge various types of cooking equipment. Your Kitchen Renovation Busselton plumber will be able to point you in the right direction.

Gas cooking machines are commonly used in commercial kitchens because they produce rapid and easily adjustable heat. Gas suppliers differ depending on region, which may influence your choice of appliance for your commercial plumbing system. Your business plumber can help you with this. All gas appliances must be installed by a competent gas fitter, who will also arrange for the necessary certification.

Contact Neon Plumbing, premier plumber, before installing your commercial kitchen. Our knowledgeable staff will coach you through the current municipal regulations and carefully install your new kitchen fixtures and equipment.

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