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Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Renovation Busselton

Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Renovation Busselton

leon| Aug 19,2022

Surviving a Kitchen Renovation Busselton while keeping your sanity requires skill and planning. Instead of going through couple’s counselling before getting married, simply renovate your kitchen together (with a few random kids and pets thrown in for good measure). Any couple who survives and continues to love each other will last forever.

To help you get through school lunches, mini-meltdowns, and whatever else life throws at you while your renovation is going on. Neon Plumbing has compiled a list of our favourite Kitchen Renovation Busselton tips.

Logistics & Practicalities

If at all possible, schedule your Kitchen Renovation Busselton during the warmer months (but not the height of summer). Choose a time when it is not too hot or cold so that you can easily prepare basic food while still satisfying and nourishing everyone.

Make sure you have a clear timeline with your trades and stay in close contact with them so you know how things are going. Expect things to take a little longer than expected, and allow yourself to be a little more flexible with everyone at this time.

Create A Portable Kitchen

Make a space for yourself away from the renovation mess to serve as your pop-up kitchen. You’ll need a fridge and freezer (or access to them if they’re still in the kitchen), a table for prep and eating, and some basic kitchen appliances.

Suggested by Kitchen Renovation Service Busselton you could move your dinner table to your pop-up location and use this for prep, but make sure to cover it to keep knives, heat, and spills out. If you don’t want to use a nice dining table for prep, you can get a fold-up trestle table or camping table for a reasonable price at stores.

Think it as Camping

Consider it like camping, or imagine yourself at university. You should be able to get by with a few useful appliances such as a BBQ, kettle, toaster, microwave, and an electric stovetop or hotplate. A benchtop fry pan or electric grill, electric wok, sandwich press, or slow cooker may be useful, but not all of them. Simply consider the types of meals you enjoy preparing and prepare the essentials.

Additional Sanity Suggestions

Make sure you have easy access to a cup of tea or coffee whenever you need it, as well as a place to chill wine or beer and at least one clean glass. Everything else will be fine if you have this! While the renovation is taking by Plumbing Service Busselton, be kind to yourself and lower your standards.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if your cooking is currently lacking in variety. Take deep breaths frequently to remind yourself that this is only a temporary situation, and remember to give yourself (and everyone else) some slack during this time.

And think about it: when you get to the other side, there will be nothing you and your family can’t get through with your sanity and relationships intact!

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